Official QYNO Shared MasterNode provides access to Qyno Shared MN with the possibility for passive income and increase of shares.

Income Simulator with 80MNs

Investment: 1250 QNO / 0.1212 BTC 25% shares

15.25 QNO

0.0002910 BTC


459.5 QNO

0.0090229 BTC


5514 QNO

0.1082748 BTC


Welcome to Qyno.IO

Qyno Coin aim to bring crypto world closer people through the user friendly Qyno Coin cryptocurrency. Qyno coin is highly adoptable and applicable cryptocurrency. QNO (Qyno Coin) is comes with PrivateSend and InstantSend features, QNO users can place instant and anonymous transactions with nearly zero transactions fee. Thanks to QNO, businesses now have a solution for assets and goods trading in a low-cost and most important.. secure environment!

What is Qyno Project all about?

Qyno project is focused on the development of products and tools which to provide access to userfriendly, safe, fast, anonymous and nearly free assets transactions. After years of studies and existing blockchain-based products and networks, they created Qyno ( Official site: QYNO.ORG) with the aim of becoming a reference in the blockchain financial services sector after concluding that many have fail multiple times to deliver what they had promised.

Qyno Coin (QNO) is the core of the Qyno Project. QNO is a digital currency based on the latest and most advanced network architecture and blockchain technology beyond BTC (Bitcoin) by providing instant, seamless, and low-cost transactions secured by masternodes and miners!

How it Works

QYNO Features

Qyno seeks to create a financial services ecosystem accessible by one and all using nothing more than the platform's native coin, QYNO

Symbol: QNO

QNO picks up where BTC left off. Due to its elegant masternode architecture, low cost of use, and instantaneous transaction capabilities, global adoption of QNO will be rapid and steep.


Algorithm: NeoScrypt

NeoScrypt is an ASIC-resistant proof of work algorithm that it is stronger cryptographically than other hashing algorithms and is less memory intensive while providing a fair return to miners.


Type: Masternode + POS

A Proof of Stake (PoS) concept states that a person can mine or validate block transactions according to how many coins he or she holds. This means that the more Bitcoin or altcoin owned by a miner, the more mining power he or she has

Max coin supply: 25,000000

Max coin supply is the maximum amount of QNO coins to be minted. The supply release schedule avoids inflation while providing the network sufficient liquidity.


Block generation: 60 seconds

The block generation time is the time needed to mine a block. Block time is set as a constant to ensure that miners' computational power will not impact the security of the network. 

Masternode Collateral: 5000 QNO

In order to own a MN, 5000 QNOv2 are required as a collateral. This collateral prevents Sybil attacks on the network whereby would-be attackers are able to setup numerous MNs and interfere with network operations.


Shared Masternode

First Package First Package

Lock 625 QNOv2

12.5% Reward earning

Fee 5%

Second Package Second Package

Lock 1250 QNOv2

25% Reward earning

Fee 5%

Third Package Third Package

Lock 2500 QNOv2

50% Reward earning

Fee 5%

Fourth Package Fourth Package

Lock 3750 QNOv2

75% Reward earning

Fee 5%

  • Currently, we only accept

    investors who agree to participate for a period of one year!
  • Earnings are fixed

    12.5/25/50/75% Service fee is fixed to 5%
  • Payments of rewards are done

    from 1 to 4 times monthly!
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With love from EU

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Why CyberHour? Why CyberHour?

CyberHour LTD is leading offshore hosting provider with base in Europe/Bulgaria. With over 13 years in the hosting industry, CyberHour LTD hosts over 13600 Domains and over 10000 active customers. was one of the first operators who accepted Bitcoin as payment method.

CyberHour's nodes are located in the best and most secure datacenter on the Balkan region (Nettera). Last but not least, CyberHour LTD is the first legit company which support the Qyno Project!

  • Currently, we only accept

    investors who agree to participate for a period of one year!
  • Earnings are fixed

    12.5/25/50/75% Service fee is fixed to 5%
  • Payments of rewards are done

    from 1 to 4 times monthly! Roadmap

The Qyno team is concurrently developing functionalities in addition to current milestones as part of the Qyno foundation protocol

Q4 2018

New Big Exchange Listing

Stage 1 of Qyno Adoption as a Payment Method.

Q1 2019

Starting Payment Gateway Development Process

Stage 2 of Qyno Adoption as a Payment Method

Q2 2019

Launch Payment Gateway

Web Wallet

Q2 2019

Stage 3 Of Qyno Adoption as a Payment Method

Payment Plugin Development for TOP 5 eCommerce Platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find your answer here, ask in the official Qyno Discord! offers different packages which gives you the possibility to earn from 25% to 75% of the MN rewards.

In order to receive your earnings you will have to provide us with YOUR QYNO wallet address. We send earnings multiple times per month.

Unfortunatelly the ROI and MN rewarding increase with the increas of the MasterNodes in the network. Early adopters will have the best ROI and earnings! Another reason to join our Shared Master Node service TODAY!

Apsolutely! You can have unlimited amount of shared masternode shares!